RC Self-Driected Activity

RC Self-Oriented Activity is not the ultimate destination but the way to achieve the RC education goal!

Necessity and Purpose

  • In order to nurture a well-rounded global leader with creative capabilities, we provide the balanced combination of academic and non-academic courses and encourage students to participate.
  • We expect students participate in RC programs in a self-oriented way so that each of them can develop communal spirit and grow as an intellectually and socially mature college student.


Course Title RC Self-Oriented Activity 1, 2
Course Type Elective
Credit 0.5
Evaluation P/NP
Semester Spring and Fall semesters(in consideration of fall semester freshmen and returning students)
Subgroup RM Professors(24 subgroups)
Point RC Whole Program - RC Education Office
House Program - RM and RA in charge
  • Based on the school year, students enrolled in Spring semester take RC self-oriented Activity 1 and students enrolled in Fall semester take RC Self-Oriented Activity 2.
  • Standard of Pass: Obtain at least 12 RC points per semester
  • Point: There are mandatory and optional programs giving 1 point per one-hour program.
  • This course is excluded from counting a student's maximum registered credits.
  • Neither automatic enrollment nor withdrawal is possible after add-and-drop period. Re-taking the course is possible.
  • This course is a requirement for fulfilling RC education but not for graduation.

The example of programs for RC points (an individual / based on one semester)

* Mandatory Program

SectionFrequencyPoint per programTotal Points
RC Whole Program
Whole OT* Spring semester 1 2 2
Yonko Game* Fall semester 1 2 2
RC academics Special Lecture 5 2 10
Reading and Presentation 2 (presenter) 2 4
1 (audience) 2 2
Reading 1 2 2
RC Culture and Arts Performance 4 2 8
RC Sports Olympics 16 2 32
Gulisam 4 1 4
Partial Total     64
House Program
House OT* Spring and Fall semesters 1 2 2
RC Convergence RM, RA in charge program 30 1 30
RC Student Oriented Program
(Creative Project gives maximum 6 points)
20 1 20
Partial Total     52
Entire Total     116

The example of a student receiving at least 12 RC points (based on Fall semester)

RC Whole Program (6 points)

Yonko Game (2 points) RC Lecture (2 points) + RC Performance (2 points)

House Program (7 points)

House OT (2 points) House Program one time 1 point
Creative Project at least 6 times 6 points

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