RC Curriculum

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Residential College education, Yonsei University is operating the system of individual assistance and the non-academic curriculum that can create synergistic effects along with the solid academic curriculum.


The Features of RC Education

Holistic Education

Formal Learning

Cultivate servant leadership
Community Volunteer Service(1 credit)

  • "Yeonin Project," elementary, middle, and high schools mentoring program associated with Incheon
  • "Aein Project," associated with communal children care center
  • Volunteering program specialized for foreign students
Informal Learning
(academic events)

RC Lecture

  • Lecture given by professionals in various fields
  • Reading and Presentation Competition
  • RC Recommended Books Report

RC Newsletter

  • Webzine reporting RC life and program activities
Individual Assistance

Triangular coaching system

  • Major professor
  • Academic advisor
  • RM professor

Global Leadership Education

Formal Learning

Global Leadership Education

  • Global Leadership Forum
  • Overseas Scholarship Special Lecture

Intensive Foreign Language Education

  • College English + English Certificate: College English 1, 2 (4 credits), English for Specific Purposes
  • The Second Foreign Language Education
Informal Learning
(culture and arts events)

RC Performance

  • College of Music, Student Club Association, and other varous artists

RC Year-End Concert

  • House associated activities / individual, group, band, vocal, dance, etc.
Individual Assistance

English Tutoring Service CETS (College English Tutoring Service)

  • 1:1 customized English writing tutor
  • Provide assistance regrading English lecture assignments

Creativity Education

Formal Learning

Creative Convergence Education

  • Core curriculum at University College
  • Advanced coaching system
    (2 hours lecture + 1 hour RC Section Discussion)

Reading and Discussion Education

  • RC Reading and Discussion
  • Grest Books & Debate
Informal Learning

RC Olympics

  • House team tournament: soccer, basketball, badminton, table tennis

Songdo International Marathon

  • Participate in the marathon at Songdo

Bicycle(Gulisam) Program

  • bicycle field trip, lectures about riding, green cafe, bicycle tour and rent program
Individual Assistance

Creative Leader Program

  • Sharing talents among undergraduate students and professors
  • 1:1 customized assistance

RC Creative Platform

Creative Platform
  • Provides opportunities for developing creativity and peer learning in RC environments
  • Problem-Based & Community-Based & Experience-Based Learning Integration Project
  • Recognize campus, community, and human challenges, and provide alternatives and solutions
  • Self-directed activities to foster creative thinking, converged thinking and collaborative skills, problem-solving skills, and servant leadership

Yonsei Life Academy

  • It aims to foster Christian leadership, integrated thinking, understanding cultural diversity, creativity and communication skills, and is an educational process that practices learning and sharing within the learning and living communities.
  • 200 freshmen, 21 RAs (from Underwood, Avison, Cheongsong and Evergreen) and 10 second graders participated. RM professors are in charge of subgroups to which the students belong, and the they work together for one semester in the evening and on weekends.

2018 Yonsei Life Academy Curriculum Outline

Step 1
Songdo: 200
Sinchon: 10
Freshmen at International Campus: "SE_Life Academy 1-**House-Associated RC Education"(1 credit, RC academic course)
Organized by the RM professors from the designated four Houses( 40 students from these Houses, 10 students from non-operating Houses)
Sinchon Campus 2~4 graders: "Life Academy_The Meaning of Life"(1 credit, electives)
On and off campus community service activity to promote real learning experiences
Step 2
Songdo: 200
Sinchon: 10
  • Those who complete the first step may participate in the second step in which they attend summer workshop to foster strong and responsible civic consciousness, and cultivate communal spirit
  • "Freshman Semiars-Life Academy associated with RC Education"
  • Preliminary meeting to prepare workshop presentation, two-days workshop(1 credit)
Step 3
Songdo: 200
Sinchon: 10
  • Those who complete the second step may register in 1~2 semesters "SE-Life Academy2-**House Associated RC Education"(1 credit, RC academic course)
  • Sinchon Campus 2~4 graders: "Life Academy_The Philosophy of Life"( 1 credit elective course)
  • Each group selects a topic and implement research project going through the following steps: 'Reading-Lecture-Discussion-Group Activity-Presentation.'
  • Cultivate the ability to think deeply and find solutions by oneself through these problem-solving learning experiences.
  • Those who complete all the three steps are awarded 'Yonsei Holistic Education' certificate(200 students per year as a goal).
  • For each step, the participating students evaluate certain changes in their capabilities and attitudes by taking the preliminary and the follow-up surveys.
  • Arrange the positive feedback system by writing the final report every year and conducting in-dept interview with students
  • Establish the undergraduate students network maintained by those who have completed Yonsei Life Academy program.

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