What is RC?

"Resident College" is a prestigious education model that maximizes learning effectiveness by providing creative community education that integrates learning and life, and fosters global leaders through a healthy community culture. The oldest RC education system in the world includes Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the United Kingdom. Harvard and Yale Universities in the United States introduced the RC education system within the university environment in the 1920s.

The RC education of Yonsei University aims to become a traditional resident college pursued by the world's most prestigious universities, and develops into a unique RC model considering the history, resources and the environment in which the International Campus is located. Along with the partially adopted RC education in 2011, all first-year students have been receiving RC education at the International Campus for one year since 2014, and the RC Education Center was established under the umbrella of the undergraduate college, which is a specialized institution for freshmen education.

As freshmen year is considered to be an important period that determines successful university life in terms of developmental perspective, the RC education provides fundamental and systematic the RC curriculum. At this time of freshmen year, Yonsei University's RC operates the optimal triangular coaching system in which an academic advisor, a major professor, and a RM(Residential Master) professor collaboratively instruct an individual student for his or her career development.

Yonsei University aims to "foster creative global leaders who practice spirit of sharing and serving through the RC education" to embody global leadership education, holistic education, and creative education, and to cultivate the core values of global leader including communication skills, creativity, convergence, openness to cultural diversity, servant leadership, and challenge spirit.

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