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Letter of Apology from the 2019 RC Olympics Committee
날짜: 2019-11-19  |  조회수: 851

[Letter of Apology from the 2019 RC Olympics Committee]

 Attached below is this year’s RC Olympics results and evaluation metrics.

 There has been a change in the overall standings due to an error that occurred while collating the results for the RC relays.

 The error was pointed out during the announcement of cash prize distribution,

which came after the closing ceremony of the RC Olympics.

 After immediately reviewing the video footage of the relay game,

it was acknowledged that there was a mistake in recording the results,

thereby leading to an error in figuring out the overall standings of this year’s RC Olympics.


We are deeply sorry for causing such confusion.


After revision, the result goes as following:

The overall winner of the 2019 RC Olympics is Yoon Dong-Joo House


The revised cash prize distribution can be seen in the attached file.

 Again, we send sincere words of apology for causing confusion with the results,

especially to the Appenzeller and Yoon Dong-Joo House,

who would have experienced most puzzlement due to the current situation.

 Furthermore, we promise to make sure such mistakes are not repeated in the events

to come and make the Yonsei international campus RC Olympics more enjoyable to all of RC Community.


Thank you.


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