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Fall 2019 YIC Residential Assistant(RA) Recruitment
Date: May 16, 2019  |  Read: 1,377

Fall 2019 YIC Residential Assistant(RA) Recruitment


The YIC Residential College(RC) is looking for responsible, enthusiastic students with leadership to work as Residential Assistants during the fall semester of 2019.


1. Recruiting Number

   ◦ 00


2. Eligibility and Preferences

  ◦ Students who have been enrolled at Yonsei University over 1 year; graduate students or undergraduate (2nd-4th year) students who are currently enrolled or on leave

  ◦ Yonseians who are passionate about the RC education, community service, and leadership

  ◦ Students with a minimum of a 3.0/4.3 overall average GPA and with less than 10 penalty points in Songdo dormitory

  ◦ Students who can live on campus (Working period: 2019 Aug. 21 (Wed) ~ 2019 Dec. 20 (Fri). Working hours: Sundays ~ Thursdays 20:00 ~ 24:00)

  ◦ Students who can speak a foreign language(preferable for Aristotle House or Administrative RAs), students who are confident with administrative work, design, video, or OA programs(preferable for Administrative RAs)

  ◦ Students who do not have health issues to perform RA tasks


3. House RA's Responsibility

  ◦ While residing in YIC dorm, RAs are expected to assist and support RC students' community life as  mentors.

  ◦ Act as the assistants of the Residential Masters

  ◦ Plan, execute and manage house programs

  ◦ Tutor freshman students in academic subjects

  ◦ Provide support on Parents’ Day and at Yon-Ko League

  ◦ Attend regular(or temporal) RA meetings and report on the students of whom they are in charge


4. Administrative RA's Responsibility

  ◦ Execute and support RC Common Programs

  ◦ Help the RC Center as the assistants of the Head of the Residential College

  ◦ Provide support on Parents’ Day and at Yon-Ko League

  ◦ Attend regular(or temporal) RA meetings and assist other RC events and programs


5. Remuneration and Benefits

  ◦ Scholarship: Work scholarship(\1,800,000) + Boarding expenses(\956,000)

  ◦ RA Leadership Development course(2 credits, absolute grading) and RA Leadership Development Practice course(1 credit, P/NP)


6. Application Process

  ◦ Recruitment Notice Period: 2019 May 20 (Mon) ~ June 9 (Sun)

  ◦ Application Submission Period: 2019 May 20 (Mon) ~ June 9 (Sun) 23:59

  ◦ Screening Results Announcement(on the university college website): 2019 June 14 (Fri) 14:00

  ◦ Aptitude Test(online test for qualified applicants):  2019 June 14 (Fri) ~ June 17 (Mon)

  ◦ Interviews(time and location TBA): 2019 June 21 (Fri) PM ~

  ◦ Final results announcement(individual notice): 2019 June 27 (Thu) 14:00


7. Forms and Submission Process

  ◦ Submit an online application(Residential College Center website:

  ◦ Submit a photo and a scanned copy of an official transcript

  ◦ Applicants may indicate their preferable Houses(House preferences, however, might not always be reflected in the final assignment)

  ◦ Applicants cannot apply for both House RA and Administrative RA positions

  ◦ Applications can be written in either English or Korean(Applications for International Houses must be written in English)


8. Schedule for Selected RAs (attendance required)

  ◦ RA Leadership Development Theory course(2 credits, honors program) for newly accepted RAs: 2019 Aug. 22 (Thu) ~ Aug. 28 (Wed)

  RAs should stay in the dormitory for the duration of the course.

  ◦ Opening meeting and RA workshop: 2019 Aug. 27 (Tue) ~ Aug. 28 (Wed)

  ◦ RA Leadership Development Practice course(1 credit, P/NP): during the fall semester of 2019

  ◦ RA Move-In(RAs must submit Health Diagnosis paper and MMR): 2019 Aug. 21 (Wed)

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