House HUB Program

RC 'Hub Program' is a RC program that implements the educational values pursued by RC education at Yonsei University in a more creative and expanded form, featuring new and diverse programs that reflect the characteristics of the Houses and the needs of students. RC 'Hub Program,' which aims to be holistic, systematic, open, and innovative, provides diverse opportunities that help students achieve balanced growth and develop creativity through a variety of programs that promote their cognitive development and meet physical, justice and social needs. In addition, the RC education system has expanded the time and space of learning in order to embody the "life learning community" and has developed the educational system of Yonsei RC, which incorporates the vision of a virtuous circle of students, universities and society.

Implemented in the first semester of 2018, RC 'Hub Program' was established through the 'RC House Program Operational Committee' in the second half of 2017. Through the detailed planning and preparation of the program through the RC House and RC Education Center, Yongjae's 'Yongjae Creative Contents,' Evergreen's 'Incheon Culture Trip,' Yun Dongjoo's 'Speak with Flower and Sing with Poem,' Avison's 'Avison Designer,' Cheongsong's 'Life Savers,' Muak and Chi Won's 'Nalli Nanta,' and Allen's 'Allen Toastmasters' were created. In 2018-2, Appenzeller, Wonchul, and Muak will operate a wide range of 'Hub Programs.'

Hub Program's Fundamental Value and Directions

  • Embody the meaning and strength of RC education : holistic education, community education, creativity education
  • Promote learning community : meet the academic needs of students, enrich learning community, cultivate life-time learning capablity
  • Form the virtuous cycle of learning ecosystem : effective use of educational resources, management of learning performance

The Features and Operation of Hub Program

  • A variety of programs helping students to become well-rounded individuals(culture/arts and community programs), empirical learning approach, the interactive operation within the Houses(communicate with RA in charge of the program), grant RC self-oriented activity points

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