📌 2023 Yonsei-Nexon RC Creative Platform Application Information 📌


1. Application

1) Team Composition

- 5 or less students of varied majors (at least 2 different majors)

- Teams should be formed within the House. Inter-House teams are also possible

- Sophomores of older students can also participate, but over 50% of the total participate should be freshman students

- Only one team per person. Cannot participate in more than one team.

- Continuation of projects from 2017~2022 is possible (at least one member from the initial team must participate)


2) Content

-Propose a creative solution to a problem

-Final output can be free-form (development of new product, propose solution)


3) Apply

- Submit via online through Residential College website ( RC Creative Platform -> Apply for Creative Platform section


4) For Inquiries

-Contact the designated House RA

-Creative Platform representative email (


2. Support Offerings for Participating Teams

-Research funds provided for each team

-Coaching and mentoring available for each team

-Awards and domestic/overseas training opportunities for outstanding teams

-RC Self-Directed Activity Points


3. Schedule

1) Application Period

March 13th (Mon.) ~ April 28th (Fri.)

2) House Preliminaries

May 8th (Mon.)

3) Interim Report(1st) Submission

June 29th (Thu.)

5) Interim Report(2nd) Submission

Sept. 24th (Sun.)


Nov. 14th (Tue.) ~ Nov. 17th (Fri.)

7) Creative Contest

Nov. 29th (Wed.)


4. Regulations

-All projects are prohibited from ordering or producing by outsourcing. If caught, the award will be cancelled and the prize money will have to be returned. (Include everything related to the project, such as coding, design, etc.)

- All entries and ideas of Creative Platform must be unpublished, pure creative works that are brought up after 2018 March 28th. If the work is not of your own (plagiarized, imitated, or etc.), the prize will be canceled and the monetary award must be returned.

- Entrants (team representative or individuals) of the winning team must cooperate actively with the requirements for the Creative Platform exhibition, and may be required to submit a separate original copy of the works.

- Images, videos, and music used in the final works should not infringe copyrights and other rights of the 3rd party. In case of a dispute regarding copyrights, the prize and monetary award will be canceled with legal responsibilities regarding copyright infringement given to the entrants.

-The copyright of winning works (including the rights to create secondary works) belongs to Yonsei University and can be edited/revised/supplemented by the organizer to use for RC promotion through various media. The submitted entries will be considered as agreeing to the license for the following purposes.

Purpose of use: On/off- campus screenings, promotions, press releases, online releases (website, SNS, blogs, and etc), create events and exhibitions, publications (including books and e-books), and other purposes decided by the organizer.

-Prizes may be adjusted according to the quality and number of works submitted.



Contact and Copyright

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  • Sondogwahak-ro 85, Yeonsu-Gu, Inchen, Korea (Intl Campus) 21983
  • TEL 032-749-3223~6  Email
  • Copyright © 2018 Residential College, Yonsei University

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