To implement Yonsei’s currently-promoting core values of 3C(Christianity, Creativity, Connectivity), University faculty planning to carry out Residential College Creative Platform (RC Creative Platform) to enhance creative thinking, integrated thinking and ability to cooperate, problem solving ability, and leadership through serving in freshmen students.

  • Change in Learning Subject : We aim to provide students with the opportunity to realize active learning and as a self-directed learner who find new problems, creative alternatives, and connect knowledge in other fields, away from lecture-oriented education centered on professors lecturing on existing knowledge.
  • Academic Motivation and Goal for Service : We encourage students to become interested in their surroundings, communities and even the world, so that they may recognize the difficulties and issues facing humans and surroudings and find solutions to them. This way, the intellectuals should be aware of the motivation and purpose of the learning, and must be taught to develop the leadership of the service.
  • Creativity and Practical Education : For long time education has been concentrated on theory-oriented teaching method without related them with reality, and there has been lack of opportunities to develop problem-solving abilities in students' real life. Through the critical thinking in everyday life, we would like to provide an opportunity to think creatively about problems and their solutions.
  • Integrated Thinking and Ability to Cooperate : RC education environment, lays foundation for active learning by providing opportunities to develop integrated thinking through communication and collaboration with colleagues of various interests and backgrounds.
RC Freshmen students
  • Operating System: 10 Learning Community teams per House
  • Heterogeneous network formation: team members of 5 (or less) from various majors.
  • Originally, teams must be formed within houses, but could also be formed with members of other houses.
  • Students who are sophmore or above can participate, more than 50% of the team should be composed of freshmen students.
  • There will be Creative Platform Fair for all teams, but the best selected projects will participate in RC Creative Contest.
  • Provision of research fund for undergraduates by team. Award for the Excellent team. Training opportunities both in Korea and abroad.
  • Linked to RC self-directed activities (maximum 12 points per semester)



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