RA Recruitment

2022-2 YIC Residential Assistant(RA) Additional Recruitment


YIC Residential College(RC) seeks students with leadership skills who can contribute to the RC education program as a Residential Assistant during the 2022-2 semester. We hope that many of you will apply.

 2022. 7. 26.


 Dean of Residential College

1. Recruitment Field and Number of Recruiting


Number of



A. Undergraduate Students

(Enrolled in 2022-2 semester)

Administrative RA

2 Students



· Undergraduate student enrolled in the second year or higher in 2022-2 semester(Students on leave of absence, students on an extra semester, graduate students are not eligible)

· Students who will not take a leave of absence during

    the 2022-2 semester (A written pledge must be submitted after selection and the scholarship cannot be received if the status of          the enrolled student is not maintained until the end of the 2022-2      semester)

2. Qualifications
 . Qualifications
   · Yonsei students in their second year or higher in the 2022-2 semester
   · Yonsei students with enthusiasm and a strong commitment for RC education and leadership
   · Students whose average GPA exceeds 3.0/4.3 (As of the announcement date)
   · Students who have received a [P] in all RC subjects (RC self directed activity 1, RC self directed activity 2, RC 101)
   · Student who can live in the dormitory of Yonsei international campus

RA activity period

RA activity hour

2022. 9. 1. ~ 12. 21.

Sunday ~ Thursday 20:00 ~ 24:00

      However, in the case of the administrative RA, it is essential to be available from 17:00 every Wednesday to support the RC                      common program
      In the case of a severe violation record (cautions, warnings) of Songdo dormitory rules, an application can be rejected
   · Students who reside in the dormitory and can participate in RA leadership development theory and RA workshop
      held from 8. 22. ~ 8. 26.
   · Students who have no health problems while performing RA activities
   · Students who can pay dormitory fees for their RA activities and reside in the Songdo dormitory
      (the dormitory fee needs to be paid at the end of the semester at your own expense)
   · Applicants who are not qualified for application : students who have graduated, students who are double majoring
       after meeting every requirement of graduation, students who are on an enlistment leave of absence, Mirae campus students,
       temporary/irregular students
   · Prequations : RA qualifications can be revoked if you are unable to enter the dormitory because you do not meet
       the qualifications (health certificates, MMR, COVID19 vaccination, etc) set by the dormitory.
         * Songdo dormitory’s admission qualifications will be announced in August
    < Preferred Conditions >
      · Administrative RA: Proficient in design, video making, Students interested in sports programs

 3. Main Responsibilities of Administrative RA
  A. Operate and support RC programs held by Residential College
  B. Serve as an assistant of the Dean of Residential College
  C. Provide support on Parents Day, and Yon-Ko Games
  D. Attend RA regular meetings and cooperate in various projects and events held by the Residential College
  E. Support for the Residential College regarding Covid-19 responses
4. Scholarship & Courses
  A. Scholarship 


Scholarship Amounts

Additional Notes

Chief RA

3,500,000 WON

Dormitory fee is to be paid personally, 3 people assigned to a 3-person room in principle


3,000,000 WON

  B. Courses
   1) Credits for taking RA Leadership Development Theory (2 credits, absolute grading) and RA Leadership Development Practice Course (1 credit, P/NP)
   2) There is no tuition fee support for students on leave of absence or extra semester students taking a winter course
    Credits and grades cannot be received except for the 2022 winter semester (Registration for winter semester and tuition payment need to be paid by personally)

 5. Application Process 



Additional Notes

Recruitment Notice Period

2022. 7. 26.(Tue) ~ 7. 28.(Thu) 13:00


Application Submission Period

2022. 7. 26.(Tue) ~ 7. 28.(Thu) 13:00

Online application (RC website)

Announcement of the Document Screening Results

2022. 7. 29.(Fri) 13:00

Online announcement (RC website)

Personality Test

2022. 7. 29.(Fri) ~ 8. 1.(Mon)

Online Test (Only for the qualified applicants)


2022. 8. 3.(Wed) 14:00 ~

Time and location can be changed (To be announced)

Announcement of the final result

2022. 8. 5.(Fri) 14:00

Online announcement (RC website)

  Schedule can be changed according to circumstances
 6. Required Document and Guides for Submission 
  A. Online Application (Residential College Website : http://yicrc.yonsei.ac.kr/)
  B. Scan and attach photo and the official academic transcript
  C. It is not possible to apply for a dormitory assistant, house RA, and administrative RA at the same time
  D.Applications can be written in Korean
  7. Further Schedule for The Selected RAs(mandatory) 



Additional Notes

RA Leadership Development Theory course

2022. 8. 22.(Mon) ~ 26.(Fri)

For New RAs / 2 credits, Honors Program

RA Opening Event & RA Workshop

2022. 8. 25.(Thu) ~ 26.(Fri)

Opening Event: 8/25

RA Leadership Development Practice Course

2022-2 semester

1 credit, P/NP

RA Move-In

2022. 8

RAs should stay in the dormitory for the duration of taking the course

  Schedule can be changed according to circumstances
 8. Inquiry 

Residential College (032-749-3222) / yicrc@yonsei.ac.kr

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