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Beginning of Outline

 1. About RC Creative Platform

To realize the 3C’sChristianity, Creativity, Connectivity—which are the core values of Yonsei University, the University College General Education intends to execute the Residential College Creative Platform (‘RC Creative Platform’ hereafter), which, based on the RC education environment, aims to help students develop creative capabilities, integrated way of thinking and collaboration skills, problem solving skill, and servant leadership.    

  • Changing the Agents of Learning: The RC Creative Platform intends to provide opportunities for students to break away from the existing way of learning that centered around professors and to become self-motivated learners who discover new problems, seek creative solutions, and make connections between different fields of knowledge to realize active learning.
  • Fostering Motivation and Goals for Learning: The RC Creative Platform intends to induce students to pay attention to their surroundings, local communities, and the world, and seek for solutions to the problems and issues faced by their neighbors and humanity. Students would therefore be able to foster servant leadership by recognizing motivations and goals for learning.
  • Creativity and Real-Life Education: There have not been many opportunities for students to develop problem solving skills for real-life problems, since the education mostly centered around theories and therefore was not connected to real life. The RC Creative Platform intends to provide opportunities for students to recognize the problems met in daily life through a critical way of thinking, and think creatively about the solutions.
  • Abilities to Think Convergently and Cooperate: The RC Creative Platform intends to lay the foundation for students to realize active learning by providing opportunities for communication and cooperation with other students with various interests and backgrounds.


  • Purpose: To cultivate students' creativity within the RC environment and provide opportunities for peer learning
  • Characteristics: Integrated project for problem-based, community-based, and experience-based learning
  • Content: Propose alternatives or solutions to the problems faced by the campus, local community, as well as humanity
  • Expected Effects: Cultivate problem-solving skills, creative thinking, challenging spirit, and servant leadership through Self-Directed Activities






RC First-Year Students

  • 10 LC (Learning Community) teams per House
  • Students from different majors within each team (5 or less people per team)
  • Inter-House team is also possible.
  • Sophomores or older can also participate, but 50% of total participants will be freshmen.
  • Coaching and mentoring are avaliable for teams that are interested.
  • All teams participate in Creative Platform Fair, and selected teams will have Creative Platform Competition.
  • There will be support fees for each team, and selected teams from the competition will be given rewards and opportunities for domestic/overseas training.
  • Run in line with RC Self-Directed Activities (Participating students can earn 6 points at maximum per semester)

2. Process



End of Outline

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