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RC House?

Beginning of RC House?

RC Houses are the basis on which the RC operates. An approximate of 300 students, of different majors, are grouped into a House. In order to support students' lives on campus, Residential Assistants(RA) and Residential Masters(RM) also live with the students. Starting with three Houses in 2012, Allen, Underwood, and Avison, in 2013, five new houses, Baekyang, Yun Dong-joo, Yongjae, Muak, and Aristotle International House, were added. In 2014, with all freshmen students on campus, four new houses, Evergreen, Wonchul, Chiwon, and Cheongsong, were added to make a total of twelve houses. Every house has its own theme, programs, and environment that support and advance its mission. All houses welcome its students and work to create a sense of belonging for everyone.

End of RC House?

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