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Informal Learning

Beginning of Informal Learning

1. Whole RC Program

Whole RC programs are designed for the entire International Campus and consist of academic events (lectures, Reading and Presentation Competition, RC Newsletters), arts and culture events (performances and contests), and sports events (RC Olympics, International Marathon, and Bike Hub). 

2. House Programs

House programs are designed to execute the philosophy and theme of each House. House programs encourage student initiative and participation from the planning stage and emphasize exchange among faculty, upperclassmen, and students.


  • Creativity

House programs offer opportunities to exercise creativity by allowing students to design, organize, and implement various in-House programs based on their own ideas.

  • Leadership

House programs render students the opportunity to practice and express leadership by overseeing and managing various House programs.

  • Empathy

House programs, both big and small, allow students to build empathy,  know their own interests, and understand the interests of others.

End of Informal Learning

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