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Formal Learning

Beginning of Formal Learning

1. Holistic Education(HE)

Holistic Education aims at offering a well-rounded education and consists of three categories: HE I (Community/Volunteer Service), HE II (Culture and Arts) and HE III (Physical Education). All freshman students are required to complete at least one course from at least two categories, depending on their colleges of major.    

A. HE I (Community Volunteer Service)

  • Academic mentoring services include: academic mentoring for Yon-In elementary, middle, and high school students; community service at Yon-In Children’s Center; foreign language tutoring for Yon-In language classes; Dream Start; and Science Camp.
  • Other services include: Love Outreach Lunchbox Volunteer Project, Urban Agriculture Project, Habitat for Humanity, Nasaret International Hospital Volunteer, Newborn Baby & AWOO Project, Braille library, Meet-U-All Escort, multicultural family support, and much more.

B. HE II Arts and Culture

  • Foster intellectual imagination, cultural diversity, and artistic sensibilities in students
  • Courses to encourage students to participate actively  
  • Enhance academic areas

C. HE III (Physical Education)

  • Encourage students to recognize the value of an active and healthy lifestyle and to learn to cooperate with others, lead group activities, build social solidarity, and practice ethical fairness.
  • Characteristics: concept of life-long sports; health-related programs; high-tech sports facilities 


2. Yonsei RC101   

Yonsei RC 101 helps students to plan a successful and fulfilling collegiate career. All first-year students (except for some admission units) are required to enroll in the course in the Spring semester. 

A. Objectives: ensuring of a successful collegiate career and cultivating the spirit of Yonsei community

B. Characteristics: core curriculum with 7 different themes + operations customized to academic units

C. Expected Effects

  • Enhanced guidance for students: integration of classroom learning and outside-of-class activities
  • Maximized effects of RC education: active communication with and feedback from students about the RC environment. 


3. RC English Reading &Discussion

English Residential Fellows aim to improve students’ English listening and speaking skills by conducting residential English classes for reading and discussions.   

End of Formal Learning

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