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RC Introduction

Beginning of RC Introduction

 1. What is the Residential College (RC)? 

The Residential College is one of the most privileged forms of education program to foster leaders with creative capacities and servant leadership by transforming the Residence Hall into an environment where learning and living converge.


 A. Realization of Yonsei Education Model

  • Laying the foundation for nurturing leaders of Yonsei
  • Cultivating global leaders

 B. Convergence of Learning and Living 

  • Residential learning community, whole-person education, and whole-day education system

 C. Cultural Community 

  • Culture and arts programs (music, arts, and sports), and community service
  • Catalyst for rich knowledge in humanities and creative sensibilities
  • Furthering knowledge about liberal arts and inciting artistic sensitivities

 D. Student-led Activities 

  • Students’ residency on campus allows for student-led activities, club activities, and strengthened network between freshman students and upperclassmen

 E. Global Leadership Education       

  • Understanding and respecting diverse backgrounds and cultural differences
  • Learning the importance of communication and cooperation, and global leadership

 F. New Education Paradigm 

  • Prestigious education model proposed by Yonsei University for Korea’s collegiate education
  • The best universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton in the US and Oxford in the UK also have residential colleges


2. RC Goals and Objectives 

  • Four conditions for becoming a world-class university: world-renowned faculty, stable financial support, exceptional quality of students, and the Residential College (RC) program. 
  • The RC program is a prestigious education model to realize whole-person education, global education, and creative education through integrating learning and living, The program also aims at achieving the 5C’s: Communication, Creativity, Convergence, Cultural Diversity, and Christian Leadership. 
  • Teach students basic virtues of college students and help them to become global talents with leadership and spirit of service. 
  • Expand the concept of education by integrating classroom learning with diverse residential programs including foreign languages, culture and arts, and sports. 
  • Build multi-cultural environments together with Korean or foreign Residential Masters and English Residential Fellow professors. 
  • Build a self-regulated, democratic community where students develop a sense of responsibility for their actions and respect others. 
  • Help first-year students to focus on academics in a pleasant learning environment. 
  • Encourage students to learn respect and kindness for others and to make the world a better place. 
  • Cultivate students to become creative talents through self-directed learning and community service.

End of RC Introduction

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