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Beginning of Organization

Organization Chart



1. Head of the Residential College

  • Govern all logistical operations of the RC
  • Approve RC program proposals and allocate budgets
  • Call for and preside over the RC Disciplinary Committee, and have the final authority to determine a student’s continuance of residency at the RC 

2. Residential College Planning Committee

  • Design, manage, and evaluate RC education
  • Manage and oversee budgets for RC education
  • Participate in the process for student disciplinary action
  • Manage and evaluate House organization, activities, and program regulations 

3. Residential Master(RM)

  • House Organization

1) Oversee Houses based on the RC education

2) Participate in the process of selecting, training, and evaluating RAs

  • House Management

1) Ensure an academic environment for students and give guidance

2) Self-directed activities and tutoring

3) Plan and operate House programs

  • House Activities Reports

1) House students’ activities

2) Management and evaluation of House programs

3) House budget

  • Support for RC Center

1) Help with school-wide programs and RC whole programs

2) Participate in public relations for the RC

3) Provide other forms of support upon the request of the Head of the RC

4. English Residential Fellow(ERF)

  • Offer evening Holistic Education courses such as English Reading and Discussion
  • Manage informal learning programs
  • Review English official documents of the RC
  • Aid international students with their learning and living circumstances 

5. RC Administration Team

  • Provide administrative support to all RC operations
  • Provide support for RC program management
  • Execute budget and produce reports
  • Manage tasks in and out of the administrative branch

6. Residential Assistant(RA)

  • Ensure an academic environment based on the ideals of RC education

1) Provide support for academic mentoring and tutoring

2) Be a role model and provide support for RC students

  • Provide Support for Students

1) Help with House move-in/out procedures and orientations

2) Help and manage students in his/her charge

3) Offer mentoring service and set up meetings for students with the RMs and academic advisors

4) Emergency Response

  • Create ideal House Communities

1) Build a culture of autonomy and self-regulation

2) Promote and operate House programs, and produce reports

3) Support student-led organizations

  • Provide Support for the RC Center

1) RC whole programs

2) School-wide programs

3) Public relations for events in and out of school

  • Provide Other Forms of Support upon the Request of the RM

End of Organization

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