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Beginning of RC Center

RC Center:  Communication, Creativity, Convergence, Cultural Diversity, and Christian LeadershipThe RC Center is in charge of implementing the RC by planning and coordinating RC Formal Teaching and RC Informal Learning programs. The partial RC system that started in 2011 was formally launched in 2013, and all freshmen students are now part of the Residential College. The RC system is promoted by worldwide top universities with over one hundred years of history and excellence, and is expected to bring about a new paradigm for higher education in Korea. The RC provides students with the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge and experiences during their university years. In addition, the RC aims to create an environment in which students can pursue talent and fun, and guide students to a meaningful university experience.

The RC Center helps students pursue their own ideologies, career paths, and goals by focusing on learning that is not covered by major classes. With an integration of living and learning, the RC Center assists students to become future global leaders with increased capabilities in Communication, Creativity, Convergence, Cultural Diversity, and Christian Leadership.

End of RC Center

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